Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wow! Can Blogs collect dust? If so I have some major dusting to do . . .

Well what's new with me?

Since my last post:
  •  I lost over 100 pounds
  • Got Pregnant!
  • Had a beautiful Baby Girl in 2012
  • Went to DISNEYLAND
  • Rediscovered my scrapbook passion/ obsession/ collection!
  • Rediscovered Close to My Heart
 and probably much much more but lets not dwell in the past.

Right now in my life I am struggling with a decision of whether or not to go back to work. I am loving being at home and just being Mom to my 2 wonderful children.(ages 16 months and almost 10yrs).

I am looking into other ways to contribute to our family income. Ideally i'd like to find something that I can do that uses some of the creative skills I have developed over the years. (Scrapbooking, Colouring with Copic Markers,Card making!)

So Bear with my as I work through what I want to do.


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